Custom Designed Mobile Websites

We specialized in creating mobile app websites for your dental practice.

Our team has been designing high quality websites, content, and SEO strategies since 1998. Through the years, our design team has evolved its technology through many different programming styles and techniques. We continually strive to use the latest and most advanced methods to help you reach your patients through this amazing medium known as the internet. Your web presence is the key to your practice's survival.

Since the inception of the first iPhone, we have been studying and developing iTunes applications. However, in 2008 we came up with the idea of finding a new method to design iTunes quality applications that work on all mobile devices, not just the iPhone. This was due to the vast emergence of many other smartphones that are continually rapidly hitting the market. To limit an application to just one device would mean limiting exposure to those who do not own that particular device, which means you will lose that visitor from potentially becoming a prime patient at your office.

Previously some of the disadvantages to an Native app that must be downloaded to a specific device is that any time any changes or content are altered, it has to be approved by the corresponding manufacturer(which can take up 2 weeks or more for approval). Once approved, any existing users of that application must be notified of the update and prompted to download.

With our newest and lastest advancement that we have custom engineered, you will get the look, feel, and most importantly the functionality of a high quality application without the need to be device dependent. This means that our "mobile app" technology will work on all mobile devices and deliver current content via the web.